5 Natural Ways to Kill Weeds the Homemade Way

Having weeds in your garden/farm can be very frustrating. They may hinder the growth of the wanted plant, and that is not any farmer’s desire. Some weeds are hard to get rid of while different methods including application of herbicides can easily destroy others. There are different ways of getting rid of weeds, but the method used always depend on the type of weed.

For whoever wants to buy a herbicide, they must be careful on the type. Powerful herbicides may result in a catastrophic event of losing all your desired plants.

If you’re not sure of the correct one to use, then it is wise to consult an expert. If getting an expert is a problem, then one can also get the information from reliable agricultural websites on the internet. This is a quick way of getting information; however, due diligence must be done to avoid taking into consideration misleading information.

Some sure ways of getting rid of weeds without harming the plants are:

1. Using a foam herbicide

This is the method of applying foam on the unwanted plant with the aim of killing it. A suitable spraying-can should be used for precision spraying. They should also be stored in a cool, dry place to ensure they remain in a good and effective state when being used.


  • If applied correctly then it is an extremely effective way of getting rid of weeds without collateral damage.
  • They are very effective in the treatment of cut stumps.
  • The foam clings tenaciously on the sprayed surface and soaks in slowly hence no spilling everywhere


  • Spraying the foam in every unwanted plant can be a time consuming and very tiring process.
  • The sprayer must be extra careful to avoid spraying the wanted plants otherwise will risk losing them too in the process.

2. Uprooting

This effective method involves pulling out the weeds manually. Chances of getting rid of the weed including its roots are high when it’s done early at a young stage. Hence time is a critical factor with this method.


  • When done early you can completely get rid of the weed.
  • Chances of harming the wanted plant is meager since the process can be extremely precise.
  • It’s the cheapest method one can employ.


  • It can be a very tiring process when done on a large area.
  • It’s a slow process hence time-consuming.

3. Using a flame weeder

This is the technique of using a blowtorch to burn the weeds. Burning them will cause them to immediately wilt.


  • Immediate destruction of weeds with less effort applied.
  • The weeder leaves no chemical residue which may be harmful to plants.


  • One has to be careful with the flame and apply heat directly to the weed so as not to light the wanted plants.
  • The flame weeder has a high cost and energy consumption.

Weeding can be a tiring task, but it’s a very important control method don in many crops. This is because the weeds compete with the wanted plants for water, nutrients, and space. It should also be done at an early stage since it is more practical at the time.

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